Why Keytree In-store Technology can breathe new life into the high street

E-commerce is a quick and easy way to purchase goods, but nine out of ten retail transactions take place in store and two-thirds of luxury consumers say they want to touch and feel a product before purchase – according to research from Deloitte and Google respectively.

To meet customer needs, physical retailers continue to transform the in-store experience and reinvent ‘bricks and mortar’ stores as it aims to supplement e-commerce and provide the ultimate shopping experience. But how is the continued success and growth of your business maintained and how do you stay ahead of competitors?

One way would be to give the store associate the ability to interact with a client at any time through any channel. Add to this a bespoke client profile and collated data on shopping traits and the customer journey can be instantly improved. This approach and much more is all achievable with the deployment of Keytree In-store Technology – an app loaded on store devices.

Out with the old and in with the new

The purchase path of a customer can be tediously straightforward with very few surprises. On arrival in the shop, search for a product, request your size and wait around in the hope they will have it (and remember where you are) then cross your fingers that you won’t be told: “We’re out of stock, but we have your size online”.

If this is the current state of your customer experience, then how should the future state look? It would be easier all round if the store associate stayed with the client and a message was relayed to the back office so that a runner can collect and deliver requested items. By using Keytree In-store Technology (KIT), a notification is sent to the stockroom, which provides details of the product and where it should be delivered – allowing the store associate to give their full attention to the customer and avoid the risk of losing a sale.

Giving the store associate the perfect planning tool

The focus is not only on the customer. It’s equally important to ensure that staff on the shop floor have the ability to plan all customer interactions in a simple and straightforward way and avoid falling into the trap of making notes in a ‘Little Black Book’.

KIT opens up a range of communication channels to let the store associate develop relationships via a dashboard, which allows the user to manage, create and edit tasks. Calendars, team meetings and client appointments are also accessible giving the store associate the ultimate tool to view their day-to-day activities – working directly from the app. So when a customer is in the store, personal data can be collected during their visit including shopping activity on the organisation’s website – this will help understand the items they are interested in so personalised styling suggestions can be sent via an email or displayed in the store.

Meeting every need of the customer

By using Keytree In-store Technology, customer information is in one place, and store associates can view wish lists, in-process shopping carts, social media profiles and communications history for each and every registered customer – a complete onmi-channel view of activity.

KIT will also help with trickier requests; a customer wants an item advertised in a magazine so by using Image Recognition, the app will scan the picture and identify the product from the store catalogue (or one that most closely matches the image) and find the item regardless of its location.

Not even your infrastructure can prevent you from making a move to KIT. Its innovative technical architecture enables the solution to access multiple backend systems of record, meaning companies can leverage their existing technical architecture without having to buy new software licenses.

The future of the retail market is changing, and KIT will give the front of house staff the technology to fully understand client needs while providing unrivalled levels of customer service.