Seamless integration

KIT is platform agnostic, integrating with existing systems ensuring the business benefits are maximised and the end-to-end customer experience is seamless

The very best in technology for retail

KIT is a retail product built specifically for iOS and Android mobile devices. The KIT team handle multiple simultaneous integrations with legacy systems, regardless of complexity - placing a powerful sales tool directly into the hands of the Store Associate

A round-the-clock service

We provide valuable 24/7 support following implementation

KIT boasts a team of individuals with a proven reputation for designing and delivering quickly and efficiently, providing collaborative, ongoing services and support

Deployment & Support

Once KIT is deployed, a 24/7 support team team is available should any issues arise, however unlikely that is.

Providing Extensibility

KIT is fully extensible so the KIT support team can quickly and easily introduce additional functionality should the organisation so require.

Integration Support Team

The KIT organisation includes an integration support team that assists individuals and organisations integrating KIT to 3rd party systems around the world.

Customer Advisory Board

The Customer Advisory Board is comprised of executives from leading retail and technology organisations, providing valuable input and guidance into the future development of KIT.

Our In-store Vision

“The future is not one single device but an integrated store”
KIT Platform

See how we can integrate KIT
with your existing technologies

“We are delighted with the results from launching our first in store digital tool for Store Associates to elevate the customer experience and drive sales. Store Associates love the ability to have anytime, anywhere access to client, product, and transaction information. Store associates and managers are excited about the ongoing evolution of the tool and see it as a critical way to drive their business in the modern age – “we LOVE the app!”.

Jessica Gale – Director, eCommerce Operations & Development, Holt Renfrew

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Connectivity to legacy on-premise or cloud systems of record

The innovative technical architecture of KIT enables it to access multiple back-end systems of record which mean companies can leverage their existing technical architecture without having to buy new software licenses. Whether cloud or on-premise, KIT can connect to the systems in which your data resides – why not make your existing investments start working for you and put that power in the hands of store associates.