Handing the initiative to staff on the shop floor with the right tools

In a work environment, it’s no secret that staff catch up with each other and chat while in the kitchen making a hot drink – or maybe gather around the water cooler to discuss the latest company gossip, but some organisations use technology for this purpose.

Perhaps there’s a bespoke intranet, or maybe staff have access to a portal such as yammer.com but for store associates who spend most of their day on their feet, serving customers on the shop floor – they may not get the opportunity to be involved in exchanging thoughts and ideas.

One of the many features of Keytree In-store Technology (KIT) is “My Store”. A secure area where store associates can swap product ideas, review the latest tips from company experts and join or set up groups but it’s also a valuable asset for the business; the app can push training, announcements or events directly to the store associate.

Giving staff a platform to discuss their work-related needs is only the start. KIT also has the ability to support “smart stores” and present a planogram detailing stock location and up to date levels of all items – so wasting time searching for a product that is potentially out of stock is no longer an occurrence.

By using IoT connectivity and sensors strategically placed around the store – KIT will also provide managers data about shop floor use, defining ‘hot spots’ or areas that are underutilised.

By putting more trust in the employee and providing a platform for store associates to exchange views and ideas on how to improve day to day operations, KIT will revolutionise the customer experience. It can gather information and draw on real shopper scenarios to eradicate any shortcomings and build on those that work, and give the store associate complete understanding of their surrounding – all on one handheld device.