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Whatever your retail focus and customer profile, the KIT team will enhance your brand, improve customer experience and drive sales.


Store Associates are the brand ambassadors for luxury retailers. By placing KIT in the hands of the Store Associates they become an integral part of harmonising the online and offline sales journeys, nurturing customer loyalty, providing a personalised shopping experience and establishing ongoing relationships that are fundamental in driving sales.



Modern fashion retailers must provide their Store Associates with the right tools to create memorable shopping experiences. The customer must trust the Store Associate in recommending products and providing much needed style advice. KIT places all necessary product information in the hands of the Store Associates – consistent with the brand – helping cultivate trust and surfacing the product range in the most appealing way possible.


Speed, efficiency and good customer service are key components in successful Big Box Retail. KIT provides this very service. Endless aisle shopping, detailed product information, communication with back-of-house staff and stock rooms all streamline store operations enabling the Store Associate to sell in high volume over short periods, without sacrificing high quality customer experience.

Big Box


The increasing need to respond to today’s demanding customer expectations, in a hugely demanding sector, which includes the need for quick service response times and seamless omni-channel experiences across digital and physical, is met by KIT’s broad range of secure functionality. The deployment of KIT allows the banking sector and its employees to provide the best customer experience possible.


When shopping for home furnishings customers are inundated with endless variations of style, material, size, shape, price and delivery options. KIT provides the Store Associate with the tools to walk customers through any and all options in a user friendly manner, opening up cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, while at the same time building a trusting and ongoing relationship with the customer.



The growing trend of athleisure and demand for personalisation of products, as well as detailed product information the customer expects, combined with the potential for repeat selling as well as cross-selling and up-selling, makes KIT the perfect assisted selling tool for this sector. Endless aisle shopping, the surfacing of detailed product and customer information and the very best customer experience means KIT is at the leading edge of Sports Retail.

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