How mobile technology is changing the shop floor

blog: can mobile technology enhance the customer experience

Not everyone can work in a public-facing role, and fewer still have the gift of being able to meet customer needs – in a graceful and uncomplicated manner. An excellent store associate knows how to care for their clients and has a unique understanding of each client, gauging their interest through body language or by reacting to a comment.

It’s very rare to see mobile technology used in a retail store, as devices are often banned to limit disruption to the customer experience. Most retailers, especially those in the luxury end of the market, are concerned that if they allow sales staff to walk the shop floor while holding a device, it will take their focus off the shopper, which would result in a bad customer experience and potentially lost sales.

But by using Keytree In-store Technology (KIT), one-to-one interactions with a client will create a whole new type of encounter. The store associates will be able to deal with a broad range of basic needs such as retrieving items from the rear of the store or checking inventory without leaving the customer’s side.

KIT is an app that can be loaded onto any mobile device and is populated with the full company catalogue, which means all stock is instantly accessible and readily available for review. An extra level of care can be afforded by displaying products on an in-store plasma screen by using built-in broadcast technology – giving the customer a unique and engaging view of their potential purchase.

The possibilities of how relationships can be enhanced and shopping trips enriched are endless. KIT will gather and collate personal information, align to existing social media profiles and monitor all purchasing history and assemble the data to offer bespoke product packages.

Interactions with customers don’t have to be always face-to-face. The app supports communications via voice, text message or email, which can send details of a new product that matches previous purchases or a new look created by the Lookbook element of KIT.

The level of interaction can be remarkable – by using iBeacon technology, Keytree In-Store Technology will instantly recognise a customer as soon as they enter the store allowing the store associate to meet and greet the client and being fully equipped to serve the individual by having their personal profile ready in the palm of their hand.

The perception that mobile technology is a barrier to maintaining or improving customer service levels is not the case. KIT will enhance the skills of your sales force and provide the tools to create rapport with customers while keeping clients up to date with every aspect of product development in the organisation.