“The feedback we have received following implementation and rollout from both our own store associates and customers has been hugely positive. We look forward to continued sales growth, plus enhanced employee and customer satisfaction as a direct result of KIT in 2018 and beyond.”

Jessica Gale, Director, eCommerce Operations & Development at Holt Renfrew

Holt, Renfrew & Co. (Holt Renfrew) a chain of high-end Canadian department stores specialising in luxury brands selected KIT, following an in-depth exploration and pitching process and ahead of numerous competitors to help take Holt Renfrew’s retail offering firmly into the 21st Century and place in the position of being able to maximise future innovations. The integration and implementation of KIT began in June 2017 with agile sprints and daily stand-ups reviewing the data surfaced, data flows, branding and UI configurations, which were readily available to Holt Renfrew for rapid review and evaluation. After initial sprint zero activities the KIT team spent two weeks in Toronto in June 2017 at Holt Renfrew’s flagship 50 Bloor Street store where they ran workshops and held in-depth discussions with Holt Renfrew business execs to understand pain points, strategies and goals while advising what exactly the KIT implementation team required from them.

KIT is specifically designed to be quick and easy to implement, plugging easily into existing back-end systems. The technology went live in Holt Renfrew stores across Canada in November 2017 with the KIT project embarking on a roadshow around all stores to train store associates and help them maximise the capabilities of the intuitive software. The full rollout to 1,500 store associates in nine stores in both French and English languages then took place in January 2018.  Hypercare ran through to January 2018.

The Solution


KIT is a native mobile application for iPhone and iPad with extensive configuration and flexibility. The app makes use of the full capabilities of iOS such as Touch ID, Face ID, drag and drop and deep linking – providing a superior user experience.

For Holt Renfrew, KIT connects to OData services on SAP Cloud Platform which acts as a light middleware tier to orchestrate and secure the connection to get customer details, transactions and the KPI’s store associates need. SAP Cloud Platform is connected to Azure AD to perform Single Sign-on and role-based access to KIT.

The SAP Cloud Platform layer also acts as an interim solution allowing Holt Renfrew to provide its store associates with Task, Appointment, Attachment and Note capabilities. The product catalogue data is retrieved by the mobile app, from SAP Commerce Cloud which manages all of the product taxonomy, details, media, recommendations and store information – KIT bridges these data sources providing one single view for store associates.

Holt Renfrew is using all available KIT features taking full advantage of what’s on offer to improve the retail experience for both the store associate and customer:

  • Clienteling
  • Assisted Selling
  • Store Operations
  • Store Dashboard

Store associates use KIT to view customer details and behaviour so they can keep customers up to date with new product information or product lines. This capability also provides the store associates with the power to liaise with clients via their customer’s preferred method of communication – be it telephone, email or social media channels, providing staff with a 360-degree, real-time view of a customer’s purchasing history, interactions, notes and appointments – accessible to customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Via KIT, Holt Renfrew’s entire product range is accessible to the customer online. The Catalogue opens up cross-selling across departments from the shoe department to clothing and beauty products. KIT connects sales associates across all departments enabling them to check a colleague’s availability for meetings all via KIT – any staff member is able to create a task for any colleague. Managers are also able to view their team’s reports, tasks, appointments & KPIs.

KIT is integrated with MS 365 for email communication and WeChat for immediate, direct conversations with customers. This means store associates can share product information easily via email, apps comms or social media – all from within the app. Additionally KIT allows store associates to use their own personal devices with a layer of added security so store associates cannot extract personal data. Alternatively, store associates are provided with devices from Holt Renfrew directly.

[agni_section_heading heading_size=”32″ sub_heading_size=”22″ heading=”More About KIT” sub_heading=”KIT drives sales via four key features and functions – Clienteling, Assisted Selling, Store Operations and Performance Analytics. Putting the retail store at the heart of the customer journey and empowering the store associate, KIT creates a connected store, enhancing the retail experience. KIT is designed to leverage existing technologies to optimise customer engagement. Extensive configuration and flexibility means KIT is scalable and easily implemented.” additional=”The key features KIT provides Holt Renfrew are as follows:”]

Feature 1: Clienteling

With a focus on user experience, all customer and product insight is easily accessible. The app acts a key component in the connection process between the store associate and customer via telephone, SMS, WeChat and email. Built using state-of-the-art technology including machine learning and image recognition.

Digital Black Book – The KIT client book supports the store associate in managing customers by providing a 360-degree, real-time view of previous purchases, notes, appointments and tasks.

Lookbook – The Lookbook groups products together for the benefit of the customer. It demonstrates how selected items complement each other and takes product availability and recommendations into account. The Lookbook is hugely effective in, and built for, assisting the store associate in driving sales.

Customer Engagement & Store CommsKIT provides a state-of-the-art, multi-channel communication hub with customers via their preferred method of communication whether that be telephone, email or instant messenger. KIT streamlines communications providing store associates with an easy way to communicate and engage with the customer via the customer’s preferred channel of communication – all through a single app.


Feature 2: Assisted Selling

KIT enables the store associate to create the seamless, end-to-end shopping experience customers expect by providing instantly accessible, detailed product information directly into the hands of the store associate at the push of a button.

Catalogue – The store associate can search the catalogue via any preferred method – including barcode scanning, keywords and SKU search. Once on the product details page it displays all relevant media, available variants and any related recommended products.

InventoryKIT enables the store associate to access, review and monitor inventory across multiple locations, in real-time.


Feature 3: Store Operations 

KIT centralises and consolidates store operations. Internal and external communications, real-time notifications and status updates are all instantly accessible. This feature cultivates team collaboration and integrates back-of-house with the shop floor.


Feature 4: Store Dashboard 

The store dashboard provides an instantly accessible, user-friendly overview of all sales activity including store associate KPI’s, upcoming appointments, meetings and calls. There are two views of the store dashboard available, one visualises the store associate tasks for the day and three different KPI’s. The second is the sales manager view where they can monitor staff tasks, performance metrics and store level information.