Q: Will KIT work on any type of tablet or phone?

A: KIT can be deployed cross-platform e.g. Android, Windows or iOS 


Q: How long does it take to implement KIT

A: KIT is quick and easy to implement but exact implementation timelines are dependant on what functionality is required and the existing IT landscape


Q: How much is KIT and how is it licenced?

A: KIT is licenced on a per device basis. Costs are determined based on required functionality and the number of devices


Q: How is KIT hosted?

A: KIT was specifically designed to work effectively with SAP Cloud Platform, which can sit on AWS, Azure or any of the key cloud hosting providers. KIT can also be hosted on-premise if required, subject to access guarantees.


Q: Which systems of record can KIT integrate with?

A: KIT can pull data from almost any source. There are out of the box API connectors in place for core SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft.


Q: Can KIT be used to complete sales?

A: Yes, KIT can be used to complete sales. The optimum approach for integrating KIT with your point of sales system depends on the software you have in place or intend to deploy, but we can help you find the most effective solution.


Q: Is KIT multilingual?

A: KIT is currently being used in 64 countries and 12 languages

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