At KIT, we are all about enhancing the Customer and Brand Experience in and around the store for some of the world’s most recognisable and respected retail brands across Fashion, Luxury, Sports, Banking and more

Clienteling Software

KIT Clienteling provides the full functionality and capabilities of KIT, enabling the Store Associate to create a deep engagement with customers in a governed and secure way, nurturing customer loyalty and driving sales

Assisted Selling Software

The KIT Assisted Selling solution is designed specifically for higher throughput and fast moving retail environments, helping the Store Associate advise on, recommend, up-sell and cross-sell products

Fast implementation & Fast results

We are passionate about helping retailers strengthen the connection between the customer, brand and sales teams. Deploy KIT within weeks to drive sales and increase efficiency quickly and easily.

Why KIT?

  • KIT is an out of the box, modular retail application. Modules are deployed according to the required functionality i.e. clienteling, assisted selling
  • KIT integrates easily with key systems of record to surface consolidated information about your clients, products and much more.
  • KIT can be deployed on to the different type of devices commonly used by retailers e.g. iOS, Android, Windows.
  • KIT relies on configuration rather than customisation and can be deployed rapidly

Harmonising the retail journey


Delivering a personalised experience from anywhere

Assisted Selling

Driving sales in a competitive market

Runner App

Optimise in-store efficiency and experience

Stock Management

A smarter way to handle stock management tasks

Retail Solutions


Endless aisle experience with the ability to search for products and view stock levels across stores and online.


Supports the Store Associate by providing a 360° view of the customer. Search, locate, view, update and create customer profiles.


Allows the Store Associate to communicate with customers across SMS, email and social channels, all in-app.


A centre that informs the Store Associate of what is happening, what they need to prioritise and when.


Provides access to store information including contact information, training material and resource information.


Handle returns, repairs and modifications with on-board after-sales, raising tickets, tracking and monitoring.


Group products to preview to customers or send to them to view at their own convenience away from the store.


Connects to the online catalogue, offers the ability to add products to a basket and checkout via payment card or till.


The very best tool for retailers to provide Store Associates with the latest news and updates.


Provides the Store Associate with the ability to switch between languages and access useful information quickly and efficiently.





Up to 20% increase in online and in-store sales

50% increase in face time with the customer

Improved in-store efficiency, reducing costs and improving customer experience

Up to 90% of new customer acquisitions through the app

Increased revenue through access to customer's online basket and wishlist

Improved employee satisfaction and increase in hitting KPIs

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